Artificial Sweeteners

On Erovi:
Top: / XIAJ / - Knit Autumn Blazer
Pants: AMD - Low RIse Skinny Jeans - Light Dragon
Necklace: Zibska - Tomio B
Watch Necklace: {Sleepy Eddy} - Pocket Watch Necklace (@The Arcade)

On Elly:
Dress: Overhigh - London Dress - Flowers 1
Shoes: [monso] - My Leather Oxford
Hair: [taketomi] - Kurumi

On Fic:
Blush: Zibska - Bloosh ~ Sienna
Makeup: La Malvada Mujer - Erica #3  [full]
Hair: D!va - Hair "Mimi" (Type B) (@The Arcade)
Dress: *LpD* - *Teresa* Dress Yellow
Stole: ryvolter - Mink Princess Stole - Champagne
Earrings: .Olive. - the Sweeping Witched Broom Earring - Gold (@FLF)
Hat: Elysium - Greta flower hat - creme prulee (@L'accessories)
Shoes: Essenz - Manila (@L'accessories)
Jewelry: [Modern.Couture] - Jewelry - Nacre (@Kustom9)

Everything else:
Elephant Bags: / XIAJ / - Elephant Bag (@Kustom9)
Chair (left): [*Art Dummy!] - ode to jean. chair light wood (@Acid Lily)
Boxes: BananaN - Paperi watercolor boxes (Group Gift)
Birds: +Half-Deer+ - Ice-Creamaholic Birdy (@The Candy Fair)
Milkshakes: O.M.E.N - Halloween Treats - Tastey Chillers (Gacha, open until 11/1)
Elephant: [HANDverk] - Ceramic Elephant White
Llamas: .Birdy. - Cotton Candy Llamas (@The Candy Fair)
Rug: *ionic* - folkie carpet (@Kustom9)
Chair (right): *ionic* I'm a poem chair (@Kustom9)
Lamp: *ionic* - luz lamp (@Kustom9)
Pictures: *ionic* - The mysteries of nature frames (@Kustom9)


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