On Fic:
Top: The Secret Store - 3D Rose Sweater
Pants: Zaara - Mita tie-up pants 
Shoes: Pure Poison - Clarissa Sandals (@The Arcade) 
Purse: Pure Poison - Train Bag (@The Arcade)
Glasses: Pure Poison - Crazy Glasses (@The Arcade)
Necklace: Cae - :: Labyrinth :: (@Seraphim Social)

On Erovi:
Glasses: * S O R G O - BELL Shades / TORT (SG) (@The Chapter 4)
Shirt: <kal rau> - Casual Tee
Vest: <kal rau> - Vest Collection
Sandals: FLite. - Bahama Black Sandals
Shorts: [UD] - Corbin shorts - Black
Hat: {Sleepy Eddy} - Adventure Hat (Check Red)

On Elly (left):
Hair: Magika - [Hair] Shimmer
Top: B.C.C - aile Top Pure
Shorts: .::DMD::. - Cupid Skirt with Bloomers
Shoes: +Half-Deer+ - Obel Sneakers - Beautiful Day
Socks: .tsg. - Prissy Ruffle Sock
Collar: TSH - Dolly Choker

Everything else:
Pier: Scarlet Creative - I Love Lakes Pier
Floating Wood: Lark - Places in Time (@The Neighbourhood)
Record Player: vespertine - record player /ketchup (@The Arcade)
Chair (left): vespertine - camping chair/cloudy (@The Arcade)
Stuffed Bears (from left to right): <:*BoOgErS*:> - WTF? Bear, Patriotic Silver Bear, Curious Bear, Sad Panda Blonde (@The Arcade)
Mat: <:*BoOgErS*:> - NapMat - Mine
Blanket Pile: vespertine - stack of blankets (@The Arcade)
Grill: vespertine - portable grill (@The Arcade)
Picnic Basket (back): Lark - Picnic Tin - Black Cherry (@Collabor88)
Chair (right): vespertine - camping chair/polka dot} (@The Arcade)
Picnic basket (front): B.C.C - Roly Poly picnic Basket Baby cat Doll F RARE (@The Arcade)
Table (left): {vespertine-camping table} (@The Arcade)
Table (back): Casita - Chesty Picnic Bench
Stage (back): <:*BoOgErS*:> - Backyard Stage Wood (Fifty Linden Friday)
Wall Hanging "Hello": vespertine - wall hanger / rain (Fifty Linden Friday)
Float (blue): PILOT - Inflatable Chair [Blue]
Float (black): Kuro - Vintage float (@Oneword)


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