Homey Comforts

Building: :HAIKEI: - Outdoor Open House
Hay Bales: :CP: - Whitby HayBales
Pumpkins: :CP: - Chloe's Pumpkins (@N-Twenty One)
Wagon w/Robots & Garden Supplies: [MotiAme] - Garden Wagon (@The Gacha Mania)
Single Hay Bale: :CP: - Dipper Bar Haystack (PG)
Books (on chair): tarte. - books & tea (@The Arcade)
Chair (left): tres blah - Workspace - Chair (@The Arcade)
Pumpkin Pie: {what next) - Pumpkin Pie
Teacups: AF - Teacups (@Kustom9)
Plant (on table): MudHoney - Leslie Plant
Table: 8f8 - 18 - La Petite Joie Cafe - Table Brown (@The Arcade)
Boxes (under table): Second Spaces - Flea Market Finds - vintage lunch boxes (@The Arcade)
Rug: [ARIA] - Gretchen vintage rug (cream) (@The Arcade)
Lamp: tarte. - old floor lamp (bronze) (@The Arcade)
Crate w/Pillows: [ARIA] - Gretchen blanket and pillows crate (@The Arcade)
Fireplace: PILOT - Fireplace with Logs (@Kustom9)
Garland (on fireplace): :CP: - Chloe Pennant String Garland (@N-Twenty One)
Pumpkin Candles: PILOT - Pumpkins and Candles (@Kustom9)
Hourglass: :CP: - The Alchemist - Hourglass
Clock: Alouette - Table Clock - Medium Wood
String Lights (behind fireplace): :CP: - Chloe String Light Single (@N-Twenty One)
Mirror: PILOT - Trellis  Mirror [Wood] (@Kustom9)
Banjo: BALACLAVA!! - Busking On - Banjo
Side Table: LISP - Mesh - Maurice Side Table - Beige
Plants (on side table): [MotiAme] - Succulent Jars (@The Gacha Mania)
Window Shade: PILOT - Window Shade [White/Brown]
Rocking Chair: Sari-Sari - Twig Chair A (@Kustom9)
Beaded Curtains: vespertine -door bead curtains

Vase: :CP: - Chloe's Milk Can Willows (@N-Twenty One)
Bookshelves: Zigana - FLF bookshelves . dark
Postbox: {vespertine} - vintage postbox/sky blue
Rug: tarte. - striped rug
Stool: Scarlet Creative - Meribel Stool (@The Arcade)
Cat: (fd) - Cat - 07 Sitting Down (@The Arcade)
Zoo Playset: Alouette - Wooden Zoo Playset
Sofa: Scarlet Creative - Meribel Day Sofa (@The Arcade)
Embroidery:{vespertine} - embroidery gallery copy (@The Arcade)
Picture Frames: {vespertine} - framed leaves-secret prize (@The Arcade)
Picture (ground): AF - Gilt Frame (Landscape) (@The Arcade)
Pillow Stack: tarte. - pillow stack (@The Arcade)
Basket: vespertine - knitting basket (@The Arcade)
Table: Sari-Sari - Twig Table linked (@Kustom9)
Pocket Watch: AF - Pocket Watch (@Kustom9)
Teacup: AF - Teacup Pearls RARE (@Kustom9)
Hanging Lights: tarte. - wagon wheel light (walnut) (@The Arcade)
Window Shade: PILOT - Window Shade [White/Brown]
Flower Cart: Alouette - Metal Flower Cart


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