Sliced Apple & Knife: Sari-Sari - Apple with knife (@The Seasons Story)
Cloves & Cinnamon: Sari-Sari - Cloves and Cinnamon (@The Seasons Story)
Mugs: Sari-Sari - Gluehwein Mug (@The Seasons Story)
Apples: Sari-Sari - Apples (@The Seasons Story)
Basket (holding apples): :CP: - Stargazer Landing Blanket Basket (@FaMESHed)
Ladder: :CP: - Doublers Lantern Ladder (@The Seasons Story)
Wooden Chest: oyasumi - wooden chest (@The Seasons Story)
Watch Case: David Heather - Void Watch Case/Half Open (@The Seasons Story)
Camera Decor: David Heather - Sleek Camera/Decor (@The Seasons Story)
Potted Plant: Kalopsia - Desert Floor Plant (Beige)
Rug: [ARIA] - Gretchen vintage rug (cream)
Apple Crate Stack: floorplan. - apple crate stack seat (@The Seasons Story)
Record Player: oyasumi - record player + headphones (@Collabor88)
Wood Pumpkin: oyasumi - pumpkin (M) (@The Seasons Story)
Fireplace: floorplan. - slat fireplace / monotone (@The Seasons Story)
Book Stack: floorplan. - leaning book stack / monotone (@The Seasons Story)
Log Candles: oyasumi - log candles (@The Seasons Story)
Skull Picture: floorplan. - skull print (@The Seasons Story)
Wolf Picture: floorplan. - dour wolf print (@The Seasons Story)
Washboard: floorplan. - washboard (@The Seasons Story)
Clock: Alouette - Meghan Clock - Worn
Plant on Stool: MudHoney - Leslie Plant
Stool: [ keke ] - still falling step (@The Seasons Story)
Acorn Lamp: :CP: - Doublers Acorn Lamps (@The Seasons Story)
Pumpkins (on right): {vespertine-sad jack pumpkin}
Haybales (outside): A.D.D.Andel! - Hay Bale Stack (@The Seasons Story)
Building: Scarlet Creative - Wish you were here Prefab


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