On Erovi (behind scarecrow):
Hat: 8f8 - Hamburg von Frekkle Head Monster (@The Seasons Story)
Scarf: ::[ Mr.Poet ]:: - Wide Scarf
Pants: <kal rau> - Casual Jeans M4_Ripped
Shoes: C L A Vv. - Ripped Old Chuck DFloral(@Kustom9)
Jacket: xin. - qiu parka + autumn (@The Seasons Story)

On Roy (with skeleton boyfriend):
Hair: (Chemistry) Hair - Hazel
Hat: 8f8 - Jacques Le Scuba Wet Suit Head Monster *** RARE (@The Seasons Story)
Jacket: [Foxes] - Aviator Jacket -Worn (@ N21)
Glasses: VCO - Glasses 02 (Black Leopard)
Jeans: KITJA CHERIE - Eve Jeans / BLACK 1 (@ kustom9)

On Pierre (laying an egg on a pumpkin):
Hat: 8f8 - Wilma Crazy Grabby Hands Head Monster *** RARE (@The Seasons Story)
Jacket: AMERIE MEN - Knit Jacket (@TMD)
Shoes: C L A Vv. Ripped Old Chuck Denim M RARE (@Kustom9)
Bracelet: Kari - Audio wire bracelet - Redux
Bracelet: Kari - Ruler bracelet
Scarf (under): Shakeup - Tye-Dye Scarf [Brown]
Jeans: Wonton - Malbain Denim Jeans / Light
Scarf (over): [monso] - My Neck Warmer - Diamond

On Ficceh (the kawaii girl):
Hair: .Olive. - the Revy Hair(@Sad November)
Jacket: GizzA - Asymmetric Leather Jacket (New)
Pants: GizzA - Josie Pants (New)
Shoes: Pure Poison - Giulia Sandals
Hat: 8f8 - Marco the Great Explorer Head Monster (@The Seasons Story)

Everything else:
Gates: {vespertine}-spooky garden gate /joined
Pumpkins: {vespertine} -pumpkins (@TAG Gacha)
Scarecrow: {vespertine} -scarecrow (@TAG Gacha)
Diorama: {vespertine} -mystery prize RARE (@TAG Gacha)
House: Trompe Loeil - The Karin Cottage Moss V1.1
Playhouse: Alouette - Haunted Playhouse (@The Flea Market)
Rabbit: {vespertine}-skully rabbit RARE (@TAG Gacha)
Cat: {vespertine}- skully chubby kitty (@TAG Gacha)
Treat Bucket: {vespertine-tricky treats} (@TAG Gacha)


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