At Rest

Chair (right): Toro. - Reykjavik Lounge Chair (Painted) (@Kustom9)
Pillow (on chair): LTD - Ruffles Cushion (Lipstick)
Lamp: :CP: - Priyanka Light Upright (@Uber)
Flower Mirror: PILOT - Flower Mirror [Snow]
Ottoman: :CP: - Priyanka Pouffe w/Blanket (@Uber)
Black Clutch (on ottoman): -ATTIC- - Clacker Clutch ASD
Rug (under ottoman): FD: - Safari Rug
Couch: :CP: - Priyanka Daybed (@Uber)
Tote Bag (on couch): * Cocoroni - Retro Tote Bag Gacha Violet
Cloud Shelf: -ATTIC- - I Wish Shelf Plugged (Pink) (@Oneword)
Hanging Paper Cranes: -ATTIC- - Cranes Lamp Curtain (@Kustom9)
Curtain (on glass door): :CP: - Priyanka Shade (@Uber)
Glass Door: Soy. - old glass door B (dark wood)
Stacked Boxes: Second Spaces - Flea Market Finds - vintage cigar boxes RARE
Camera (on floor): * Cocoroni - Phone Camera case Pink (@N21)
Sketchbook: 8f8 - 14. Our Secret Hideout - Little Sketchbook
Projector: [ keke ] - dreamers projector - plane
Rug w/ Pillows: tarte. - light clutter rug (@The Liaison Collaborative)
Coffee Table: Soy. - Coffee table
Cookies: Toro. - Skillet Of Cookies (@The Liaison Collaborative)
Camera (on table): * Cocoroni - Vintage Camera Mint RARE (@The Seasons Story)
Mug w/ Cookie: Toro. - Afternoon delight (@The Liaison Collaborative)
Hot Chocolate Machine: {what next} - Holiday Red Hot Chocolate Machine RARE
Circle of Paper Cranes: -ATTIC- - Circling Cranes (@Kustom9)
Art Supplies: 8f8 - 16. Our Secret Hideout Gacha
Side Table (beside couch): FD: - Nesting Tables
Carousel (on side table): Alouette - Woodland Candle Carousel
Crate of Pillows: [ARIA] - Gretchen blanket and pillows crate
Dresser: :CP: - Priyanka Shipping Crate Chest (@Uber)
Alarm Clock: {what next} - Butterfly Alarm Clock (VIP Group Gift)
Hourglass: FD: - Brass Hourglass
Flowers: [ keke ] - berries - red
Cord Phone: {what next} - Marais Phone (blue)
Hanging Candles: :CP: - Hanging Rope Candle - Rose & Cloud 100% Donation Items (@Uber)
Shoes: C L A Vv. - Ripped Old Chuck Denim M RARE
Duffle Bag (on chair): Lark - Overnight Duffle - Goldfish (A)
Chair (left): oyasumi - cartography chair (@N21)
Shelf (left): Alouette - Animal Bookshelf - Elephant
Crate of Books: 8f8 - 13. Our Secret Hideout - Crate of Wisdom
Desk: oyasumi - cartography desk (@N21)
Hat Stand: {what next} - Cedar Log Hatstand
Pillow (behind hat stand): Apple Fall - LTD Studded Cushion (24K)
Shutter (behind hat stand): tarte. - repurposed shutter (black) (@The Liaison Collaborative)
Building: :HAIKEI: - Sand-Sprayed {SkyBox}


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