Nestled Stay

Building: Scarlet Creative - Country Keep
Bed: :CP: - Stardreamer Hanging Bed (@Uber)
Curtain: Scarlet Creative - The Arcade Love Curtain Pane
Mirror: Alouette - Antoinette Floor Length Mirror
Crate w/ Books: 8f8 - 13. Our Secret Hideout - Crate of Wisdom
Crate Seat: tarte - crate seat (dark)
Craft items (on crate): windsong
Open Trunk: Kalopsia - Old Box (Green)
Shoes: JD - Mochi
Balloon Cats: Birdy - Chibi Kitty - Flying High (@TCF)
Zodiac Frames: :CP: - Zodiac Art
Clock (on wall): FD - Retro Clock
Guitar Case: David Heather - Guitare Case/Handheld/Sand
Rugs: :CP: - Stardreamer Rugs
Dresser: Alouette - Curved Drawers - Dark Wood
Alarm Clock: {what next} - Vintage Alarm Clock (VIP Gift)
Stack of letters (on desk): :HAIKEI: - The Winter Cabin / GACHA {8}
Plant (on desk): [ARIA] - Astrid succulent plant
Spheres (on desk): FD - Geospheres
Plant (on floor): Kalopsia - Orchids (Natural Pink)
Stool: oyasumi - wire stool
Roses (on stool): A.V. - Brise' Roses Bucket

Table & Chairs: FD - Bistro Table (Stained)
Food (on table): dust bunny & windsong - valentines tray (@TCF)
Place Settings: FD - Place Setting
Coffee Mug: FD - Demitasse
Pepper Grinder: oyasumi - pepper grinder
Rug: Toronto - Bathroom carpet
Picture Frames: :CP: - Homemade Picture Frames Light
Kitchen Counters: [ARIA] - Amaryllis mini kitchen base
Fridge: [ARIA] - Amaryllis decorative fridge
Hanging Strings: :CP: - Guirlande de Brioude
Curtain: Scarlet Creative - The Arcade Love Curtain Pane
Radio: FD - Retro Radio (v. 2)
Kitchen Decorations: [ARIA] - Amaryllis Set


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