Building: {vespertine} healing garden building RARE (@The Arcade)
Lanterns: {vespertine} hanging lanterns /tex change (@The Arcade)
Mahjong Table: xin. mahjong table + rare (decorative) (@The Arcade)
Pug (on Mahjong table): *MishMish* Pug and The Nachos (@The Arcade)
Rugs: :CP: Delilah Blossom Rugs (@Uber)
Floor Mat w/Shoes: xin. bamboo floor mat (@The Arcade)
Plant Table: {vespertine} mini plant table (@The Arcade)
Books (under plant table): [ zerkalo ] Pile of books 2
Piano: {vespertine} piano /wood dot (@The Arcade)
Plant (on top of piano): [ARIA] Willa potted Phormium (@Uber)
Candle (on top of piano): .:revival:. candleholder 2 (@Fameshed)
Magnolias in vase: *LODE* Deco - Magnolia II Vase RARE (@The Arcade)
Suitcase Player: {vespertine} suitcase player. (@The Arcade)
Frames (on floor): {vespertine} secret march item (@The Arcade)
Record Shelf: {vespertine} record shelf/floor unit 2 (@The Arcade)
Pile of books (in front of record shelf): .:revival:. book pile 2
Small Red Table: [ARIA] Willa chipped bedside table (@Uber)
Fan (on table): xin. desk fan + black (@The Arcade)
Candle (on table): .:revival:. candleholder 1 (@Fameshed)
Plant (on table): [ARIA] Willa potted Aspidistra plant (@Uber)
Record Showcase (right): {vespertine} record showcaseshelf (@The Arcade)
Record Player: {vespertine} midori record player /blush copy (@The Arcade)
Record Wall Shelf (right): {vespertine} record wall shelf (@The Arcade)
Vinyl Butterflies: {vespertine} vinyl butterflies (@The Arcade)
Vinyl Shelf: {vespertine} dot vinyl shelf/earth (@The Arcade)
Turtles (on top of vinyl shelf): xin. turtle container (@The Arcade)
Stool (right): xin. bamboo stool (@The Arcade)
Books (on top of stool): [ARIA] Willa decorative books (@Uber)
Plant Rack: Ariskea [ Pot Pourri ] Aloe herb Bac (@The Arcade)
Sign (right): {vespertine} forever sign (@The Arcade)

Bus: {vespertine} mochi bar sakura / RARE (@The Arcade)
Display Case (on bus): {vespertine} mochi showcase /sakura (@The Arcade)
Building (middle): {vespertine} healing garden building RARE (@The Arcade)
Buildings (right and left): xin. apartment building RARE (@The Arcade)
Bench: {vespertine} harajuku bench/texchange copy (@The Arcade)


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