Building: Scarlet Creative Anya House (@C88)
Scattered Papers: floorplan. scattered sheet music
Desk: [Toiz] office desk (white)
Chair: DIGS - Keene Metal Chair
Pillows: [ zerkalo ] Winter Dream (@FaMESHed)
Computer Monitor: DIGS - Desktop Computer
Computer: * SORGO - Geek PC Tower
Notebook: Amala - Diaries Pile (@Epiphany, Jan. 12)
Coffee: Amala  - Fresh Coffee (@Epiphany, Jan. 12)
Cat: +Half-Deer+ Cat Holding a Frame - Black/White
Tablet: Amala  - The Drawing Tablet (@Epiphany, Jan. 12)
Rug: [ zerkalo ] Winter Dream - Rug (@FaMESHed)
Cigar & Ashtray: [NikotiN] Poker Table - Cigar Ashtray (@TMD)
Mail Basket: Amala  - Mail Basket (@Epiphany, Jan. 12)
Cacti: Amala  - The Cactus Terrarium (@Epiphany, Jan. 12)
Drawer: Amala  - Minimalistic Draws (@Epiphany, Jan. 12)
Camera: Amala  - Vintage Camera (@Epiphany, Jan. 12)
Clipboard: Amala  - The "I Love You" Clipboard (@Epiphany, Jan. 12)
Whiskey: [NikotiN] Poker Table - Whisky Bottle (@TMD)
Playing Cards: [NikotiN] Poker Table - Playing Cards 02 (@TMD)
Polaroids: [ keke ] polaroid stand
New York Frame: Amala  - New York Frame (@Epiphany, Jan. 12)
Heart Art: [ kunst ] - Palette art 'my always' (floor)
Radiator: Amala  - Radiator - White (@Epiphany, Jan. 12)
Orchid: [ARIA] Libera Potted Double Stem Orchid
Room Divider: N4RS St James Screen - Chalk (@TMD)
Guitar: C L A Vv. Guitar Case Black Floral Bag
Boxes: Second Spaces - Treat Yourself - Shopping Spree - boxes


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