Valentines ♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡

On Erovi:
Hair: Damselfly - Nima
Boxers: Caboodle - Boxers (@Gacha Garden)

On Fic:
Hair: [entwined] - chic (@Shiny Shabby)
Bow: Caboodle - Oversized Bow (@Gacha Garden)
Underwear: Caboodle - Heart Shaped Panties (@Gacha Garden)
Scarf: Caboodle - Fur Scarf (@Gacha Garden)

Everything else:
Building: :HAIKEI: dusky white skybox
Curtains: Ariskea [Petite Paris] Curtain Click to change Textures
Chair: [ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine - Armchair (@The Chapter Four)
Rug: [ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine - Rug (@The Chapter Four)
Ukulele: Caboodle - Heart Ukulele White (@Gacha Garden)
Pillow (right): Caboodle - Heart Pillows (@Gacha Garden)
Pillows (left): [ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine - Pillow (@The Chapter Four)
Roses: Caboodle - Rose
Table: Caboodle - Covered Table (@Gacha Garden)
Vase & Letter: Caboodle - Valentine's Gift Pink (@Gacha Garden)
Balloons: Caboodle - Balloons (@Gacha Garden)
Caged Flowers: Ariskea [ Chic Baby ] Rosy Babybreath Floor
Pose: {NR} F! what they say
Heart Boxes: [ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine - Boxes (@The Chapter Four)
Plant (left): Kalopsia - Tainted Palm - Blue RARE (@Gacha Garden)
Plant (right): Kalopsia - Aloe Plaster - Grey (@Gacha Garden)


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